Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Milestones reached at Wachusett Mountain

Milestones reached at Wachusett Mountain (115 USATF mountain races from 1996-present)
Kim Bellerive finished her 50th consecutive Mountain series race, she is the women’s streak leader (has not missed a race from 2010 to present).
All-time Finishes:
Kimberly Bellerive           50                                
Leslie O'Dell       CMS      30                                
Jacqueline Shakar CSU    30                                
Mary-Pat Pfeil     aR         30                                
Erina Kelly          aR         20                                
All-time Points:
Andrea Leonard  WMM     passed 1,000 points with 1,041.83                                  
Jennifer Dodge   Mystic    passed 1,000 points with 1,003.91                      
Paul Grant          CSU       90
John Martin        CMS      60
Paul Bazanchuk  CMS      50
Brian Gallagher               30
Scott Holt           WMM     30
Nye Winston-Corradino    30
Chris Corradino               passed 4,000 with 4005.99
Erik Wight                     passed 3,000 with 3012.35
John Mulroy        Mystic    passed 2,000 with 2002.11

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