Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Milestones reached at Pack Monadnock

Milestones (Streak, all-time finishes, and all-time points) reached at Pack Monadnock:
Erina Kelly (aR) passed 1,000 points with 1,038.10
Todd Brown (NMC) passed 6,000 points with 6,011.96
Richard Stockdale (GCS) finished his 100th series race
Todd Brown (NMC) finished number 80
Jeff Gould (NMC)  finished his 70th
Mike McKenna (CCAC) reached 40
Richard Stockdale’s streak reached 100 consecutive series races
Peter Orni (NMC) finished his 60th consecutive series race

The top 50 or so in each category are listed here:

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